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Ski & Snowboard Servicing Workshop

Ski and Snowboard Servicing

Due to popular demand from friends and former customers I have fully restored my private ski and snowboard workshop which was the original setting for Edge & Wax Wintersports many, many years ago.

Strictly by appointment (Please do not turn up without an appointment!) I am offering a limited amount of servicing on a first come first serve basis.

I do NOT use machines for servicing. As with the principles of Edge & Wax over 10 years, machines are a last resort and only to assist the technician, not to replace quality servicing based on knowledge. This means servicing a pair of skis or snowboard takes much longer - around 1 hour compared to 10 minutes for a machine service, but the quality is simply incomparable. Hot wax will be left to cool and penetrate the bases, and structuring will take place with multiple wax brushes, by hand, until the bases are perfect.

Edges will be set with a standard single cut work file to the precise edge angles, and then polished by hand with a set of diamond files.

All waxes are topped off with Zardoz NotWax Base Boost Teflon Treatment, for that perfect glide as soon as you step into your bindings.

Hand tuning is superior, and is down to the ski technician's knowledge and experience to get the best results. Having trained many of the ski and snowboard technicians in the UK, we are confident of our servicing quality.

Undertaking a course on ski and snowboard tuning and waxing is a great foundation, but what really counts is experience, and with thousands of ski and snowboard services under our belt from beginner through to military operational-critical equipment maintenance, we have your servicing needs covered.


Below are the charges for the main services we offer. For custom repair work or specialist tuning we will provide a quotation before proceeding:


There is a £5.00 surcharge for any work that needs to be turned around in less than 7 days, as servicing is undertaken in batches or stages, and fast turnaround requires breaking this process.


This is just a simple wax of your skis or snowboard. Normally for new skis and boards only as if any edge is raised or damage, it risks damaging expensive waxing irons. After waxing a coating of ZARDOZ Teflon is applied.


Where it all began for us many years ago, ideal service for skis or snowboards that have had a full service recently or are brand new, and have done a week's use on the mountain. The edges are reset to the correct angle, the tips and tails detuned for smoother turn entry and exit, and then polished with a diamond file. We then wax by hand with a waxing iron, adding all-important structure after scraping, and topping off with ZARDOZ Teflon treatment.


This is a full service of your skis or snowboard, with hand tuning of the edges and polishing, repair of any minor scratches or cuts of your bases, and finally cleaning and waxing of your bases by hand using a professional waxing iron. The base is then structured by hand with polishing brushes and a coating of ZARDOZ Teflon applied.


As per the full service with the edges fully tuned and polished, but instead of cleaning the bases and applying a single coat of Holmenkol wax, we deep clean the bases using both chemicals AND a by-hand hot scrape pulling dirt from the base. We then apply THREE coats of performance race wax, the first coat is a dressing, and then two coats of glide wax for ultimate performance, with ZARDOZ Teflon impregnated into the top coat for superb performance.


We can undertake most base repairs that are economical to repair. Deep gouges will require Metal Grip treatment at a cost of £5-£10 per gouge. For larger issues we can replace sections of ski base precisely to allow the skis or snowboard to be used once again, and this is priced per job, with no obligation.


We can mount and test bindings on new and existing skis, and offer advice on swapping bindings without compromising ski strength. I am also technically proficient in mounting ski touring bindings of all makes. We always recommend bringing at least one boot with you when mounting bindings, and for touring bindings, due to the tolerances on most models, it's mandatory. If you also want advice on what bindings to buy for your skis, please contact me for independent and honest advice based on testing many variations.


To book a by-appointment drop-off of your equipment, please  send us an email via our contact us page. We will then confirm your slot. Please arrive on time and allow 15 minutes to hand over any skis or snowboards for servicing (You can drop off more than one set or board at a time) and we can assess and quote you the best service option, and arrange a future collection time.

Full directions will be sent out to you on how to find us here in Partridge Green RH13 8 along with your confirmation. We do NOT have a shop, this is a private workshop operating currently evenings and weekends by appointment.